Coscoroba: Leadership in the age of data

Profit from data

We take the principles of Decision Science to develop leadership training for the age of data.  This involves not just being comfortable with data but also creating modern agile decision making structures appropriate to the Information Age instead of the Industrial Age.  Data is the new oil, but like crude oil it needs to be refined.  We believe this is the role of the modern leaders.

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Coscoroba: Services

Leadership 4.0

  • Leadership model development
  • Leadership training design and delivery
  • Decision Science education
  • Decision Science consultancy
  • Train the trainer
  • Learning technology consultancy

Coscoroba: Our approach to training

Data-driven development


Listen to the customer is the golden rule of ...well business.  Just because we offer a 21st Century product, doesn't mean we throw out traditional wisdom.  The best way to collect data is by listening and checking that we understand the client's requirements.


Optimising our offering means focusing on adding value to the client through meticulous training design.  It means applying the latest learning and teaching knowledge and technology to ensure engaging and memorable leadership development.


Creating meaningful ways to measure success over time is not easy.  But 21st Century leadership needs practical and agile measurement of performance.  So do we.  Constant feedback and full engagement with client means we can monitor and optimise our training constantly.


Planning the training event or course in earnest happens after we have ensured we have listened to the client and built in a robust feedback mechanism.  We begin by planning core principles and then content.


It is not so much training as exploring the opportunities to modernise leadership and make it fit for purpose in the age of data.  That means we listen and work with participants to create knowledge that is useful to them instead of preaching from a leadership theory or model.