Why does your organisation exist?  How does your company work? What are your goals and objectives? How will your team achieve them?  What is the need for change?  It is impossible to answer these questions without robust business analysis.  Coscoroba takes a long term view of organisational performance using data science to understand how the environment is changing and how planning and production systems are responding.  We have a wide range of analytical tools at our disposal.  We can help your team understand the requirement and develop a systems approach to meeting that requirement.  But our analysis is not all about numbers; with a deep understanding of human behaviour, as much of our analysis is from a people perspective as it is about metrics and business data.

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Change facilitation

Understanding the need for change is just the beginning.  Developing metrics and improving processes are vital to business transformation.  There is also the human factor.  Our systems approach will carefully analyse the case for change and determine both wins and losses.  There is no point in change for the sake of change.  Sometimes change is unavoidable.  We measure the effects of change and align processes to ensure transformation creates business advantages.  We can provide training to develop the leadership and strategic planning know-how to make change grow your business.

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