Development programmes can take many forms and industries differ as to which elements of leadership are emphasised.  That's why we listen to our clients and conduct a thorough ROI evaluation and needs analysis at the start.  Programmes can be full long-term change projects or two-day workshops, or anything in between.


Online learning can be a powerful alternative or addition to traditional learning.  It has the great advantage of reaching teams in any location or time zone at minimal cost.   It can also be blended with traditional development activities, taking a lot of the studying element out of courses and allowing more active learning.  We are highly experienced and skilled at developing online learning.


We are experienced at delivering talks and presentations on the subject of leadership in the 21st Century.  Our knowledgeable and seasoned speaker has delivered memorable talks about leadership in the age of data to discerning audiences such as the University of Oxford, the Defence Academy and to large groups of senior military officers


Competitive 21st Century businesses are learning organisations, able to adapt to new technology because of their focus of learning and not just skills.  We offer train the trainer, adult learning and coaching courses to help clients develop their own learning capacity.


Leadership development starts with an evaluation of return on investment.  Increasingly businesses are asking 'how will we benefit from development activities?', and rightly so.  We conduct a 5 level ROI evaluation before and during any leadership development.


Development programmes and training can be a big project, especially when businesses cannot see the end goal or what culture they want to build.  Regular, light touch consultancy and advice is often a good place to start.  It might take the form of focus groups, interviews, meetings or workshops.  It could be regular sessions or competitor research activities.  It can be any low commitment exploration of the world of leadership.