Our Approach

There are lots of leadership training companies out there.  Why choose Coscoroba?  We offer a unique blend of hard won practical experience and academic research of the latest insights into human behaviour.  This means we can mix knowledge of what works in operational and strategic management with new approaches to solve those stubborn training problems, such as why does the effect of training wear off after a very short time?  Key to our approach is to train teams together using innovative and engaging techniques.  Sending individuals off for individual training creates problems for integrating new knowledge when they get back to their teams.  We avoid this by focusing on collective learning and joint discovery rather chalk-and-talk, or death by powerpoint.  The word 'leadership' comes from the Saxon word 'leadan' meaning to 'show the way'.  Like a light house, we guide but do not direct.

Our Story

Matt Offord is the Founder and Director of Coscoroba.  His full story is below.  After three decades in the Royal Navy, Matt had gathered plenty of experience leading teams in challenging underwater environments, followed by strategic leadership of operations and managing a busy Port.  He wanted to combine this practical experience with his passion for human behaviour research.  Coscoroba is named after the Coscoroba swan which Matt saw on his many trips to the Falkland Islands.  The swans get there after being blown off course in their native Patagonia.  The the coscoroba have to adapt to their new environment.  Lots of lessons for life.

Dr Matt Offord PhD MBA FInstLM

Global research and training

Matt Offord is the founder and director of Coscoroba Consulting. As a training specialist, Matt has delivered training for health practitioners in the Middle East and executive leaders in the Royal Navy in the UK, Middle East and the South Atlantic.  He also conducts research into a number of topics on behalf of the Institute of Leadership and Management, and has been able to indulge a passion for helping veterans transition into business as the Institute's military to civilian transition (MCT) consultant and thought leader on LinkedIn.


Background in training at sea

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Matt spent 29 years in the Royal Navy.  He is a Master Mariner and has experience as a submariner, navigating a 16, 000 tonne submarine as well as working in the Arctic and Antarctic.  Later Matt retrained as a mine clearance diver and was second-in-command of a warship clearing a sea-mine field in Iraq.

Matt became one of the Navy's prestigious Sea Trainers, coaching executive teams in warships in the UK and Middle East.  During his years as a trainer and instructor, Matt specialised in training design and evaluation.



Matt got a great opportunity to do something out of the ordinary for the military in 2010.  After completing a part-time MBA in Leadership Studies at Strathclyde Business School, Matt was offered the opportunity to study leadership further by working towards a PhD.  He studied Navy teams in the South Atlantic and those involved in mine clearance in the Middle East using evolutionary human behaviour approaches.  Using focus groups, interviews, social network analysis and computer simulation, Matt took a very close look at the relationship between leaders and followers in tight-knit teams in challenging, and often dangerous situations.  The fascinating insights from this part-time study earned Matt a publication and place in the First Sea Lord's Fellowship.


Next Steps...

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