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Although our consultancy work takes us from shop floor to board room, we noticed that data driven techniques were often missing across the enterprise, be it strategy, production controls or operations.  This was not due to a lack of data, most companies today collect huge amounts of information.  The issue was a lack of data management and data science to understand what those data-sets are actually telling us.  Another problem is that narratives within organisations are often taken for granted and not tested. Our leadership model is called Start With Another Narrative (SWAN). It is a simple but effective tool to look under the hood and really see what is going on. We take a systems approach using business analysis techniques which start by asking why does this organisation exist?  How does this organisation work? What are our goals, and how will we achieve them?  We help organisations to lever the power of data to understand their environment, their own processes and strategies and how to effect useful change.  We also specialise in open loop learning and Learning From Experience (LfE). But we are not all about numbers, with a deep background in human behaviour we are also able to work with team performance and integration.  What your team have to say is at least as important as our metrics. This is beyond data science; incorporating human behaviour and exploring options for change using data is decision science.

Our Story

Coscoroba was born from a unique blend of operational maritime experience in the Defence Sector and in depth academic research of human behaviour using sophisticated data science.  Founder, Matt Offord is a former submariner and mine clearance diver with decades experience leading teams in complex, isolated and sometimes dangerous situations.  Towards the end of his career, he studied for an MBA in Leadership Studies followed by PhD studying the group dynamics of teams in dangerous and isolated situations.  He also led complex transformations in nuclear port operations and business process re-engineering projects.  Coscoroba was originally set up to conduct research and corporate education, focussing on leadership, but we increasingly found ourselves developing metrics and conducting data science in our client organisations.  This is an area missing in many organisations, we are brought in to apply those business analysis skills.  Our leadership and analysis tool is called SWAN, it is simple and very effective. Our founder, Matt Offord is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow where he develops online learning courses to complement more traditional approaches to education.

The name of our consultancy comes from the rare Coscoroba Swan encountered by our founder in the Falkland Islands.  The swans are blown off-course from their native Patagonia and have to make a new life in an unfamiliar environment.  We believe this is a great metaphor for professional life and coping with change.  We are principally change agents using data to gain advantage in new environments.

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