Business Analysis

We find that there are lots of organisations who collect data but do not use it to their advantage.  We take on data science projects to refine data-sets, and make them use-able.  With our powerful tool, SWAN, we develop insights and reports into planning and production performance based on practical and sensible metrics and advise organisations how to become data savvy.

System Analysis

System integration and data transfer are often wasteful processes.  Solutions are often based on buying new information systems but this can make matters worse when data can not be moved freely between platforms.  At Coscoroba, we focus on business requirements and advise on the most elegant way to achieve this through systems, process control and programme management as well as strategic decision making and workforce engagement.


Did you know that some of the best leadership lessons for the Information Age were given to us by Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson, an Industrial Age hero?  His approach allowed the most agile decision making and networked collaboration ever seen.  Is your organisation really agile?  Or does it just have an planning system with the word ‘agile’ in the title?  Our in depth knowledge of Information Age leadership and collaboration will help your organisation adapt to the Information Age.  Its not just about information systems and processes, its about integrating your team and sharing a common goal. SWAN is a leadership tool as well as an analysis tool We can help you with that.


We are expert international trainers, able to conduct training delivery and design and to coordinate training at multiple sites.  Our training is based leadership training and research up to doctoral level based on Information Age leadership and decision making.  Subjects include, but are not limited to:

  • Teambuilding
  • Leadership
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Strategy
  • Employee wellbeing and retention