Start With Another Narrative (SWAN) is a simple and yet effective leadership and analysis tool. Leadership in the Information Age is about dealing with Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) situations. Classical leadership and strategy techniques often fail in these conditions. One of the biggest issues is that people within an organisation develop narratives to explain the complexity around them. These become like myths and legends, there is a grain of truth but they are often misleading. More importantly, they blind leaders to the possibilities for their organisations because the leaders are also trapped within false narratives that tell them what can and cannot be done. They may attempt tasks which cannot be done or fail to develop strategies which can.

Start With Another Narrative is a really simple way to break out from the trap of narrative fallacies. It is also a powerful business analysis tool as it relies on empirical evidence to test new strategies, models and assumptions. At Coscoroba we manage and analyse data, create models and simulate the effect of strategies or process improvements before they are used in a real environment. SWAN is a simple idea with numerous applications and serious reach.